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Grande Shores of Myrtle Beach Your Next Vocation Destination

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Life insurance in Texas

When people choose to insure their life this can be taken as a form of utter care for their loved ones, because such insurance policies protect dependents from loss of income due to the policyholder's death. This is an effective way to secure mortgage loans, child care, education and other costly services that will be hard to pay for in case the main source of income for the family ceases to exist. Besides, certain types of this insurance allow accumulation of funds on a savings account, which further can be used as an investment tool for different purposes. Many people use this type of insurance as an alternative to retirement plans, but the possibilities are not limited to just that.

In order to insure your life in Texas you should first make sure that the company or agent you're looking forward working with is licensed for operating in the state by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). In order to verify that all you need to do is contact TDI customer support either by phone (1-800-252-3439; 463-6515 in Austin) or visit the official website of Texas Department of Insurance After you've verified the insurance company you can either contact it directly or work with an insurance agent or broker to help you determine, which insurance policy is most suitable for your insurance needs.

Before you sign any contracts or policies with the insurance company, you should be aware of your customer rights, which give you some benefits that might be quite useful in certain situation. Here are your rights if you buy life insurance in Texas:

Prompt benefit payout. The insurance company should process your claim within 15 days upon its filing, and provide you with the result within 45 days or provide explanations if there are any delays. In case of an individual life insurance policy, the company should also pay out an interest on the death benefit provided by the policy.

Due premium payment. In Texas life insurance policies, regardless if it's cheap life insurance or costly continuous coverage, have a 31-day grace period that starts after your premium payment due date, in which you are able to cover the premium without any additional fees. In case the person insured passes away during this period, the person specified in the policy automatically receives the death benefit with subtracted amount of the due premium.

Policy lapse. You may renew your policy after it has lapsed within five years according to Texas laws. However, your insurance company has the right to require additional fees as well as current health condition check before providing you again with coverage.

Remember that the general rules of buying insurance apply in Texas as well. In order to find a really good policy that will meet your needs for a reasonable price you still have no better option than life insurance quotes. Try to get as many quotes from different companies as you can in order to have a detailed picture of the offer in the local market. But always make sure to check if the company is licensed to operate in Texas before signing any contracts or policies. Be a smart and careful shopper, it always pays off to be one!

Life insurance in Arizona

With so many insurance products on the Arizona market today, some people have a really hard time finding exactly what they want without the initial confusion. Besides all typical types of insurance products such as auto, health, life, house coverage, there are many sub-groups to these types of policies that each caters their specific groups of needs and buyers respectively. Of course, you can drive around your town or city to get all the information you need directly from the insurance company, or you can make a dozen calls to hear that the company you're speaking with is the best insurer around. Well, if spending so much time is okay with you then you are free to do just as you wish. But these days people tend to save their time on everything they can, and shopping for insurance is no exception.

Buying life insurance in Arizona is not different from buying it in any other state of the US. Of course, there are local requirements and legal frameworks that may be specific for each state, but in general the picture is the same across the country. And so are the rules of shopping for insurance. So if you want to find a really good insurance policy in Arizona, the following tips will sure help you get exactly what you need with minimum time and money spent.

Many insurance companies offer free online life insurance quotes through third party sites, making it a lot easier for you to find the right kind of policy without having to pick up the phone. You can use the free quote systems for as much as you like, trying to determine which type of coverage will meet your needs and what company offers that for the best price out there. But be warned, not all companies you'll get quotes from online may be licensed to provide insurance products in Arizona. A good way to check if the company you are interested in is a legal seller in Arizona is contacting site of Arizona Insurance Department

Why would you want to do that? Well, if the company is not licensed in Arizona you can get very attractive quotes from it, but your policy won't have any legal force within the state and the Insurance Department won' be able to protect your interests in case the company doesn't meet your customer requirements. Of course, cheap life insurance sounds very attractive but don't get carried away by such searches as you may end up paying more than you've initially intended.

Arizona Insurance Department can also be very helpful for determining the right companies to shop around. Of course, the workers at the Department are not given the right to advertise any insurance providers, however they may provide you with a black-list of insurance companies that were filed complaints on from other citizens. It is a good way to avoid bad providers in the first place.

In order to learn which providers are good and reliable in your area, you may want to ask other insurance users about their experience with any given provider. Having first hand information always helps to see how any given company processes claims, receives premiums and provides benefits with the policy. So good luck and try to get the best Arizona life insurance!

Raising of auto insurance premium rates in Wisconsin.

Will Wisconsin become a trend?

The world is always a complicated place. What should be simple turns out to be hard. What should be obvious turns out to be obscure. Logic tells us that when the law says everyone should buy something, this should make for a bigger market. When the market is bigger, the prices should fall. In the case of insurance, this should be even more true. The whole point of insurance is that you gather a group of people together and share the cost of the risk between them. The more people in the group, the smaller the cost of each share. Except it never works out like you expect. When it comes to capitalism and the profit motive, logic loses out to corporations and their need to pay a dividend to their stockholders.

This is a story about Wisconsin today. Tomorrow, it could be about states across the US. The reason? The same problems that the state lawmakers were trying to solve in Wisconsin apply to every other state in the union. Let's start at the beginning. All but three states have laws requiring vehicle owners to carry liability insurance when they drive on a public road. They all set minimum levels of cover against personal injuries and property damage caused to third parties. The justification is all about responsibility. The general view is that if you injure someone else, you should compensate them. Unfortunately, not everyone has a pile of cash sitting in their bank account so insurance is the name of the game. This gives every innocent victim the chance to get some money to cover their medical bills and repair their property.

Unfortunately, states have never thought it a priority to keep these minimum figures under review. So as the value of the dollar has fallen through inflation, the value of the insurance pay-outs has also fallen. What were reasonably big sums of money thirty or forty years ago no longer pay for much. In Wisconsin, the last review was more than thirty years ago. But, in February 2009, the Legislature decided to catch up. The result has been a sometimes quite large increase in the Wisconsin auto insurance rates.

There was a major publicity campaign back in February so everyone should have known this change was coming. It was all carefully explained. It would mean more money for people who were injured or the families of those killed. But now people face the reality of the increases, they are shocked and angry. When there is a recession, how can premiums go up so much? The answer varies depending on who you ask. The auto insurance industry says it's the fault of the state government. The politicians say it's profiteering by the insurers. In a sense, it no longer matter why. The premium increases are here and people have to cope. Two facts stand out. There has been a significant increase in the number of claims made, particularly for vehicle theft and personal injuries. Fraud has also increased. It's sometimes surprising how many people inflate or invent claims, particularly when their personal finances are under pressure. The result is that premiums go up and everyone suffers. But also remember that this question of the minimum liability requirements is not unique to Wisconsin. Sooner or later, every state is going to raise these numbers and the auto insurance industry is waiting to raise the premiums.

5 Tips for Buying Handcrafted Silver Jewelry Online

Genuine handcrafted silver jewelry is as beautiful as it is unique. Whether you're looking for pieces to add to your collection or are shopping for gifts, there are excellent online sources for handmade earrings, pendants, rings, barrettes, and necklaces. For a wonderful buying experience, follow these five tips.

1. Find a reputable source. This may go without saying, but don't confuse commercially manufactured jewelry with handcrafted silver jewelry. The latter is made by artisans that take great pride in their work. It's helpful to look for a company that has been in business for decades, and that has been selling online for at least five years.

2. Take advantage of customization. When jewelry is handmade, it can be customized in any number of ways, from the lengths of chains to the types of gemstones used in pendants and rings. You don't need to settle for "almost good enough." Instead, you can get the piece you've always dreamed of, in exactly the right size.

3. Measure carefully. Because customized pieces generally aren't returnable, it's important to make sure that the handcrafted silver jewelry you order will fit. It only takes a few minutes to get a good measurement, and doing so will ensure that the necklace or ring you order will be exactly what you want. For rings, ask a friend to take a piece of string, put it around the knuckle or largest part of your finger, and mark the string. To determine the size, hold the string against a tape measure and compare your measurement to the website's sizing chart. If you're in between sizes, it's best to go with the larger size. You can also use string to measure for bracelet, necklace, or anklet lengths.

4. Do your gemstone research. The best online jewelry sites have a wealth of information on gemstones. Before you order, read up on the gemstones you are considering. It's important to know, for example, that aquamarine can be cleaned with dishwashing detergent, but that ultrasonic and steam cleaning may damage the stone. Similarly, you may know that pearls are delicate and can easily absorb liquids, but you might not know that turquoise is also porous and can easily become stained.

If you're going to order jewelry with gemstones, it's also crucial to know whether the stones are natural or if their colors have been enhanced. Reputable artisans will freely share this information. Don't be alarmed, however, if the stones have been heated or irradiated to intensify or change their colors. Naturally colored rubies, sapphires, and topaz, for example, are extraordinarily rare; it is an accepted practice within the jewelry industry to enhance gemstone colors.

5. Invest in the real thing. Silver jewelry is gorgeous, but only if it's real silver. Make sure that the online source you select uses either sterling silver (.925 or 92.5 percent silver) or fine silver (99.9 percent pure silver). When you invest in handcrafted silver jewelry, you're not only buying a piece you will treasure, but one that is likely to become an heirloom for future generations.


Drive it while you can, learn it while you should!

Lack of time seems to be the biggest concern and bother that people meet in their day-to-day life. Where can you find time to manage to do everything when there is only 24 hours in 1 day? When we talk about security there is one thing you have to get when you are an owner of a car that you are proud of or want to keep for a long time. That is, undoubtedly, the insurance. When you think about getting a good deal or some plan that you want to stick to for quite a while, the first thought that comes to your head is the amount of time you will spend of going around in circles, trying to figure out how to make your plan a beneficial investment. But thanks to internet inventors, you don't need to waste that much time no more. You can just click on the page that looks the best to you, find out the rates, interests and it the information provided to you on the website - suits you, then you can proceed with the operation. It is very appropriate and comfortable to do it from home as you can relax, turn some music on or even call your friends to discuss possibilities.

The most important thing here is not to fail when it comes to making the right decision. Nobody is rushing you - you have to be very careful and consider every single detail as once you sign the papers or get into the deal, it is hard to drop it on normal basis as you lose on every step you take in the wrong direction. For that you need to read as much feedback as possible, get quotes and opinions from those who are in the similar situation with you or even those who have some type of experience with this particular site or company. Don't think you know everything. It is easy to get trapped.

Compare rates and discuss them with people you trust or those who are meant to provide a good advice for those like yourself. It is a shame to find out you are paying twice more than you actually should do, so it is always better to double-check any information you have.

When shopping for online quotes, you want to be extra careful to make sure that you are getting quotes on the same exact coverage, or at least policies that are very close to being the same. This is the only way you are going to be able to really tell whether or not you are getting the best deal possible and you are not getting ripped off. It does not take too much extra time to compare policies. Read the reviews. They might be very helpful to you. What is necessary to keep in mind here is that the quotes you find are related to the actual questions that interest you. Sometimes it can occur so that we search for information and when we find it we apply different facts and relate them to our issues. It is not good to let it happen with your insurance plan. It can get you in much trouble.

Do not feel bad about calling in and asking as many questions as you need to ask in order to get the full spectrum of ideas on your automobile insurance plan. Auto insurance quotes can be found on every trustworthy web-site that provides citizens with good services. These auto insurance quotes may be the key to a good auto insurance deal, so make sure you always check that section on the page. We wish you a safe driving experience and all the best on the road!

Price really matters when it comes to car insurance

We love to save. It is a fact that doesn't need to prove itself right. Sometimes we want to believe something that doesn't seem too real. It is crazy and unbelievable how TV or advertising in general can influence one's mind. Commercials are made so that it blanks off our conscience completely - we trust every single word said if we see a good picture that matches our expectations. Nothing can stop us once we set our mind into something that we wanted to do for a while. TV and advertising is that "push"...

Since early 90s, back when people started to get more and more used to internet, advertising and online searching has become very popular in society. Practically millions of people became addicted to it and dependent on it overnight. With the help of web-sites that would allow you to advertise your services for free, companies that are dealing with cars and property started to earn more than ever. People received free quotes on subjects that they were interested in, companies became popular and talked about. Everybody gets profit from it.

But every person in this country clearly understands that cheap doesn't mean good. So can how you find a non-pricy deal and not have nightmares about it at night? First of all, you never have to lose conscience about any decisions that you are about to make. We all know that sometimes we are blind to see reality because we want to hurry with a problem that is hanging above our head, but when we rush into something; we are more likely to trip and fall than to do it correctly.

We all have connections. We are social people that communicate with each other. This helps a great deal as we are able to give and share opinions, help with advices. Most of us like the support family and friends are able to give therefore we address them for help. When it comes to insurances, automobile, for example - we have to remember that 70% of people in the world do have cars, they drive them everyday. This means the automobile insurance deal is a part of their life every single day. These people could do us a favor if they shared their points of view with us from time to time.

When you want to get a non-expensive insurance, you have to stay focused on the reasons why you need it. These reasons have to be included in your contract and kept as number one priority. Price matters when it comes to car insurances as the one that is greedy usually pays twice more later on. Cheap car insurance is the matter of many discussions. Some experts claim that you can't get a car insurance that would not cost you enough money to not get furious about it. Some say that it takes time and Internet is full of offers that may be suitable for any person. But all of them say one and the same thing when it comes to safety - please make sure you do not get fooled with your car insurance as nothing comes for free. If you see an offer that just looks "too good to be true" - stay away from it.

The benefits of joining an auto club

You may think that joining an auto club will give you only roadside service assistance and some discounts when booking a hotel, but there's just a lot more to it than that. Even non-drivers should think about possibility to become a member of an auto club. Of course, not all stores, services and hotels will have it written about discounts right at their front desk, but it never hurts to ask. The savings you will get with an auto club member's card are sometimes just so considerable that paying a yearly fee will look ridiculous in comparison.


Emergency roadside assistance

Probably the most beneficial feature you get with your auto club membership are the free road emergency services. Even in case you don't have your own car, these services will definitely be very helpful when borrowing someone's car or even being a passenger. These free emergency services include:

  • Towing the car for a certain amount of miles

  • Changing a flat tire

  • Jump starting in case you're accumulator is dead

  • Extricating the car in case it is stuck somewhere

  • Retrieving keys, if you're quite lucky to lock them inside the car

  • Adding gas in case you run out of it while being far from a gas station

  • Undertaking minor adjustments and repair

Discounts rule!

Members of auto clubs usually qualify for numerous discounts on a wide range of services and products. These usully include:

  • Staying at hotels, inns, motels and campgrounds

  • Dining at restaurants or in bars

  • Renting a car

  • Booking train, bus and airline tickets

  • Repairing your auto or buying spare parts

  • Going to movies, parks, attractions and other entertainment facilities

  • Buying computers and Internet connection

  • Getting insured

  • Shopping at outlet and retail shops

Insurance costs and security

You most probably are aware of the discounts and special benefits the members of auto clubs get when buying auto insurance and homeowners coverage. But the discounts are not limited only to these types of insurance, and you may opt for price cuts when getting other insurance products as well, including:

  • Term life insurance for a group of beneficiaries

  • Medical coverage for a short period of time

  • Insurance for long-term care

  • Umbrella-type personal liability coverage

  • Flood coverage

  • Personal possessions coverage

  • Small business insurance

And there's even more

These are just some of the advantages you might experience when becoming an auto club member:

  • Road maps, travel books, atlases and printed publications

  • Trip planning assistance

  • Vacations and travel planning services

  • Mortgage home loan services

  • Auto loans and auto insurance

  • Car maintainance and buying assistance from an expert car-buying process

  • Legal protection and liability cost coverage

  • Short term loans and cash services

  • Travel checks with no fees

  • Credit card services and assistance

You can get the full list of benefits and detailed information on all the discounts you are eligible for from your auto club web-page or representative so make sure to learn what you get with your membership when signing up.

Don't pay much - pay wisely

If your car is as old as 20 years old you must be aware of the fact that you are able to cover it choosing a policy that suits your case the best. The policy will probably differ but that is mainly the good part about it as you need the policy that will represent your interests in the best possible manner. But don't think insurance companies want to give you spare bucks or repair your vehicle only because they are noble - if insurance company lets you become covered by it means they want money from you... much more than you actually realize. Old cars are known to be problematic. They can break at any time so companies that are dealing with insurances understand what they getting themselves into with your car. Therefore it is very hard to get a good insurance that will promise you a new car instead of your old one if that dies on the road.

We live in the 21 century and technological progress has definitely taken over the world that is why we can frankly state that it brought up the situation where vehicles are trying to fit into a bracket that not so long ago belonged to drivers with collectible cars.

It became very trendy to be on an insurance plan. People don't usually get it because they feel an urge to be safe; they are more pragmatic than realistic. When you get a brand new car what is the first thing that crosses your mind? What happens if...? That is how all the questions start. And we know people that can always give reasonable replies to these questions comforting you and helping you feel stressed about nothing anymore.

As you may have heard policies and insurances of vehicles differ much. You can't say how different they are unless you compare them. Companies that deal with insurances vary. They compose different contracts and their conditions are not the same as well. But we want to reassure you. There is such thing as "classic quote" that you can always apply for. It gives you all the information you might need on limitations of covers and restrictions that your car may meet during the period of the contract.

If you know you are the type of person that is very likely to get into an accident on the road due to the lack of attention, you should specify that and choose the policy that will cover you and your car as much as possible from anything that may occur. Of course, the company will try to pay minimum and save dollars just not to buy you anything new, but you can always foresee these cases and go for the best possible case. Believe me, there is much to choose from.

You can always ask for discounts. If you want to make sure you get one, stick to the company that represents itself well. Ask those who have already dealt with it about its benefits and disadvantages. You have to know everything. Internet is a good recourse to search for information. Cheap auto insurance plans can be found in Google before you actually grab your pen to write down. Please keep in mind that auto insurance is the basic human need. You need your insurance to feel safe everyday. And that can never be cheap.

Several tips on how to ease switching insurance companies

It's not that hard as I may seem to be!

The reasons for changing insurance company for covering your auto are numerous. Maybe it's the level of services you aren't quite satisfied with, or the other insurance company has the same amount of coverage for a considerably lower price. Today, checking your insurance rates and comparing them to what the other carriers have to offer is a few minutes task. And if you decide that your current insurance provider has to be switched to another one, you will be surprised to know that it's not that hard to do like it may seem.

Why choosing another insurance carrier?

Checking your current insurance rates should become usual for you, to make sure you get exactly what you pay for. And while doing so, you should always shop around with other carriers as well. Even the same amounts and types of coverage can have different price tags with different companies. This is because each insurance company has it's own set of indicators determining the final insurance rates.

The primary indicator, which the company uses for determining the rates is the claims experience with every group of drivers that are insured with them. In other words, if your company has many claims filed by drivers of your customer group (age, sex, driving record, credit rating, etc.) during a given period, you will definitely experience a raise in insurance rates. If this is what you have to deal with, you most probably need to look on what the other companies have to offer.

Make sure you have the new policy before switching

Have a lapse in auto insurance coverage is not the best thing to confront with, so make sure you get the new policy before dropping the old one. The new company you get the policy from will make sure that it will take force right when the old one is canceled.

When the time is right?

In about a month before your current policy should be renewed you are likely to get a report on your current insurance rates, discounts and conditions. You can use this information when shopping around with other companies. So the best time to look for auto insurance quotes is 3-4 weeks before your actual policy is to be renewed or canceled.

You can do it anytime you want

Waiting for the renewal date is not a must when switching to another company. You can cancel your current policy anytime you want. If it's the middle of the cycle, you will get the remainder of your annual premium from the insurance company. However, some companies have a special short rate that will kick in when you decide to cancel your policy before the renewal period. So it's better to learn if your current carrier has such a rate, and if yes, decide whether the new policy bring you enough savings to be worth of paying such a fee.

Dropping the old policy

The right way of canceling a policy is asking the company in written form to do so, specifying the date you want your policy to be dropped. If you just leave the policy without informing or asking the company, it will be canceled due to late payment, and that usually means a bad entry on your credit record and higher rates when getting a new policy. So make sure you're making all the necessary formal paperwork before switching to another auto insurance company.

Old Age and Driving Skills

It's one of those sad facts of life that ageing is inevitable. Being philosophical about it - it's going to happen so you might as well celebrate it. The question is how society should celebrate ageing. People who rely on driving to get them around while working, continue to need their vehicles when they retire. Let's face it. In most US towns and cities, few people walk. Everyone drives. Fifty years ago, not many seniors drove around because life expectancy was a lot lower than it is today. Now more people own cars and, with more leisure time and better health, go out and about on the roads. This creates an interesting dilemma for states. Let's take Massachusetts as an example. Back in 1977, the legislature decided to grant seniors a reward for living so long. Regardless of their driving records, everyone over the age of 65 was given a 25% discount on their insurance premiums. This encouraged the car culture. Seniors were thought safer drivers, so it was alright to let them drive rather than walk around. The price tab was picked up by all the other drivers. The cost of the discount was spread across the premiums for all the other insured groups.

So how has this worked out? All the statistics from 1977 to date prove the initial assumption. Drivers in the age range 65 to 74 have fewer accidents than any other group on the road. This is due to three factors: they tend to drive more slowly, they have more experience than everyone else and they tend to drive at off-peak times when the danger is less. Thus, that group deserves a discount. Whether it should be 25% is not the point. There is considerable social benefit in continuing to encourage mobility among seniors. They go out and spend money in the community. They stay fit and healthy and are less of a burden on the health care services. But drivers aged 75 and over lose their edge. The body is slowing down. Reflexes and eyesight are not what they were. Their claims record is second only to the age group up to 25. This is sparking a debate about whether the discount should be removed for the oldest drivers.

Across the US, the issue is simply stated. Should there be regular testing of a driver's skills? More importantly, should premiums be set according to the quality of driving? The technology exists to instal a monitoring and recording system in everyone's vehicle. People of any age could be asked to go through tests of vision, reflexes and cognitive skills as a condition of retaining their licenses. We could reward all the safe drivers with discounts, increase the premiums for the bad drivers and take the dangerous drivers off the road. Or is this an invasion of privacy too far? Which is more important? That people should be judged as individuals when it comes to their auto insurance, or that everyone's privacy is protected and all the safe drivers subsidize the bad drivers? Massachusetts is discussing a full-scale testing program for seniors over 75 and reducing the discount to the others. At a time when family budgets are under pressure, do we really want to be increasing auto insurance premiums for seniors on a fixed pension?

Types of cars and insurance costs

You will be surprised how the common and obvious driving distraction can increase your car insurance premiums. Your first accident will raise insurance rates by about 22 while the first ticket will boost them 13% higher. It's a fact. And most drivers know that the most common reason for having trouble behind the wheel is being distracted.

And what are the most common distractions for a driver?

Eating, talking or using your phone are the most common distraction that take your eyes of the road and lead to crashes or near-miss situations. Most US drivers admit using their cell phones while driving and nearly 20% even manage to write text message while behind the wheel. This leads to the statistics, where about 45% percent of car owners who experienced an accident tell that either of the parties involved was using a cell phone during the crash.

Eating is not as frequently reported to cause an accident as cell phone use, but it definitely distracts the driver from what is going on the road. Some foods are more suitable for on-the-go situations, some are less, and some should be avoided initially:

  • Hot drinks such as coffee or tea can spill over you and cause quite unpleasant sensations, which will definitely get you distracted, especially on high speeds.

  • Greasy foods can be tasty but they will definitely make a mess out of your steering wheel, making it less comfortable to handle, which can be crucial in risky situations. Chicken wings and barbecue ribs are definitely not the type of food to eat while driving!

  • Gooey things like jelly donuts or breakfast burritos can simply ruin your suit when they ooze down from your hands. And it definitely stresses and makes think of things different from what's happening on the road.

What can you do to keep the distractions down?

First of all, if you want to eat really bad and didn't resist the temptation of the drive-thru don't eat on the go. Find a place to pull over and take a snack without driving. It will be also better to get out of the car if you can. If it's a long drive you're taking, you will be able to shoot two birds with one stone: eat and walk around a bit. Besides, you will keep your driver's seat and steering wheel clean if there are any greasy substances.

Don't use hand held cell phones while driving. Some states have already banned this practice and if you get caught using such a device behind the wheel, you can wave your cheap auto insurance goodbye because you'll get a ticket and your rates will be raised instantly. There are many additional devices for cell phones that allow you to talk without using your hands, and this is quite helpful behind the wheel. Still, the conversation itself could distract you from the traffic and raises your risk of having an accident. So if you want to make sure you'll keep your cheap auto insurance and avoid accidents, just find a place to pull over and take the call there. It may take some time, but it can also save your life.

Why are premium notices a source of stress?

Life is never fair. Just when you think you have hit rock bottom and things cannot get any worse, they get worse. You would have thought that a recession would mean premium rates would stay the same. In your dreams, you might have hoped for the rates to fall. After all, there's massive unemployment - it's the worst level of unemployment for more than sixty years. With household incomes falling and no job security, this is not the time to find premium rates increasing. Yet when those premium notices drop into your mail boxes, the evidence is there. And it's not just you. Premiums are going up for most drivers. This is so unfair! All but three states in the union have mandatory liability insurance. For everyone who wants to stay legal on the roads, the price of driving is getting to deterrent levels. First it was the price of gas shooting up like a rocket. Now it's those premiums! What's going on?

There are two quite different problems coming together at the same time. One comes from the general downturn in the economy. The other is connected with the system of regulation for the insurance industry. On paper, the companies have an easy ride. They collect in the premiums, receive the claims, pay out on the claims and keep the balance as profit. Except the worst recession in decades caught them off guard. It all comes down to what insurers should do with the money they have collected in. Their answer was to invest most of it in the stock market. That way, they earned dividends and got capital growth until it was needed to pay out on the claims. But some invested in these new securitized bonds based on mortgages and other loans. So, when both the property and the capital markets were hit, insurers found themselves with big losses. Under normal circumstances, this would not have been a problem, but the insurance industry has to play by different rules. They are regulated by the insurance departments and commissioners for each state. To protect all you people who buy policies, the key rule is that the companies must have enough capital in reserve to pay out on the claims you make. When the stock and bond markets collapsed, many companies either broke the rule or were too close for comfort. So companies have been moving cash around between states to keep themselves legal and putting up the premiums to collect more.

It's ironic that a rule designed to protect consumers should be pushing up the premiums so fast. Who would have thought the auto insurance industry would lose so much of the money they had invested. After all, they employ all these clever people called actuaries to measure the risks for writing policies. You would think they would have seen the risks of some of the investments they were making. Yet, like most of the other investment managers, the insurers were taken by surprise. The result is that, overnight, many were close to not having enough money to pay out on your policies. That was and remains a serious problem. That's why the auto insurance industry is asking you all for more money.

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